Kurzfilmwettbewerb „Europäische Jugend in China“

2021-05-06 15:56:39

Organisiert von der chinesischen Vertretung bei der EU startete am 4. Mai, dem chinesischen Jugendtag, offiziell ein Kurzfilmwettbewerb zum Thema "Europäische Jugend in China".




















Looking for European Youth at 2021 Youth Day

“European Youth in China” Short Video Contest Announcement

“Hi, young European friends! Come with your own shows!” To show your school life beside Weiming Lake, your charm on the Great Wall, your gathering with Chinese friends and your team work with Chinese colleagues. As the host of the “European Youth in China” short video contest, the Chinese Mission to the EU looks forward to watching your stories!

You are most welcome to take part if you are below the age of 35 years old, come from 27 EU member states and does or did study, work or live in China now or in the past!


I. Content: The video needs to share the applicant’s experience and feelings when he/she studies, works and lives in China, the changes and development of China, or stories about China or China-EU cooperation.

II. Length: The video shall last for no more than three minutes.

III. Format: MP4, 1080p, accurate Chinese and English subtitles, no watermark, clear and smooth video footage without obvious background noise.

IV. Deadline of application: June 30, 2021. Please take note and don’t miss it!

V. Notice: The video must be created by the applicant. Videos using other people’s materials or copyright will not be accepted. The video needs to have a clear focus on the theme. It shall not contain contents that violate social ethics, personal privacy, others’ intellectual property rights, or national laws and regulations of China. The host has the right to use submitted videos without payment or consideration.


I. China-EU Cultural Exchange Ambassador Award: 5, each with a prize worth about RMB 2,000

II. Best Story Award: 5, each with a prize worth about RMB 1,500

III. Creative Video Award: 5, each with a prize worth about RMB 1,500

IV. Best Editing Award: 5, each with a prize worth about RMB 1,500

V. Most Liked Video Award: 5, each with a prize worth about RMB 1,500

VI. Recognition Award: 25, each with a prize worth about RMB 1,200

Selection & Presentation

I. On June 1, 2021, the platform will be available for uploading videos. You may learn more information in this page. Stay tuned.

II. Starting from July 1, 2021, good videos will be selected and presented.

III. On October 2021, award-winning videos will be announced.

This event is supported by CMG European and Latin American Language Program Center.

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