China in der neuen Ära: Originalproduktionen bringen Ihnen das Land näher

27.08.2022 22:04:48

Um der Welt ein klareres Bild von China zu vermitteln, präsentiert CGTN in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Programmzentrum für europäische und lateinamerikanische Sprachen der China Medien Gruppe CMG ab August 2022 auf seinen mehrsprachigen Plattformen eine Reihe von Produktionen mit dem Schwerpunkt „China in der neuen Ära“.

Zuschauer auf der ganzen Welt werden dort eine Vielzahl von Programmen vorfinden, die sie durch die jahrzehntelange Entwicklung und den Wandel in China, den Entwicklungsweg des Landes und seine tiefgründige Kultur führen werden.

Von den Geschichten aus dem Alltag der Chinesen bis hin zu den Beobachtungen und Überlegungen globaler Denker, von jungen Menschen aus dem Westen, die von Dorf zu Dorf ziehen, um China auf dem Markt und auf dem Land zu beobachten, bis hin zu den Innovationen und dem Erbe der Verschmelzung von östlicher und westlicher Kultur - mit dem kreativen Konzept „Ideen + Kunst + Technologie“ werden die wichtigsten Programme die Entwicklung und den Wandel Chinas aus einer internationalen Perspektive und mit integriertem medialem Ausdruck darstellen und einem globalen Publikum ein Fenster zu Chinas neuer Ära öffnen.

Hier sind die Einzelheiten der Programme auf Englisch:

Everyone Matters: China in A Decade

China in A Decade aims to capture the changes that Chinese people have experienced in the past decade. Because everyone matters and contributes, miracles happen. With 36 stories told by ordinary individuals, the documentary explores the transformation of China in multiple areas in the New Era—from the high-quality development to governance, from building a cultural foundation to global common prosperity.

China Through a Global Lens

To help global audiences better understand China, CGTN is airing the following package of productions through the eyes of the global community.

Classic Quotes by Xi Jinping – Through quotes from ancient Chinese literature, CGTN brings an entirely new avenue in five languages to discover the stories behind the classics and discuss the cultural foundation of the Chinese. The series will help viewers understand the Chinese wisdom to govern an evolving nation.

My Account on China – Through a global lens, CGTN’s reporters and overseas correspondents travel both in China and abroad, narrating and experiencing the changes in real lives of local people. They provide overseas audiences with authentic stories to see China’s solutions for both the country and the world.

The China Path: A Panoramic Decoding - World leaders and global thinkers decode China’s path by sharing their insights on the governance of the country. Together with media outlets around the globe, CGTN brings viewers a comprehensive picture of China.

Latin Youth in Rural China – This CGTN documentary records three young Latin Americans’ field trip to China’s southwestern province of Sichuan to investigate the country’s rural development model. The Argentine Ambassador to China also joined the trip and shared his thoughts on China’s rural revitalization through his journal.

On the Move – Friends from around the world experience local life in different parts of China. The show goes to diverse destinations to show the changes in people’s lives brought by China’s green development of the marine economy, the scientific and technological transformation of agricultural industry, and the rural revitalization.

From Poverty to Prosperity: The Chinese Path to Modernization

In exploring its road to modernization, China has paved its own path. The following productions look at various agendas.

China by Numbers – CGTN presents a 12-episode series that builds on statistics and uses the numbers to showcase the transformations of China in a wide range of angles including economy, poverty alleviation, infrastructure, education, science and technology, culture, and sports.

Modernization for 1.4 Billion – From bustling metropolises to far-flung villages, CGTN hosts travel the country to take an in-depth look at the progress and challenges in China’s modernization. Together with an archive-style series of short videos, the show discusses the process and characteristics of China’s unique path to modernization and brings together global experts to discuss Chinese modernization and its significance worldwide.

The Road to Common Prosperity – China has achieved its goal of eliminating extreme poverty. But that’s not enough. The country aspires to bring prosperity to all its people by 2050. How does China achieve that? The CGTN documentary by Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn answers the question.

Human Carbon Footprint – A science documentary film produced by CGTN’s Tech It Out Studio that sheds light on the subject of “dual carbon”. It discusses the status quo of world energy and climate crisis, and how the development of human civilization is intertwined with Mother Nature. The film also explains China’s “dual carbon” scheme, namely to strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, and the country’s relentless effort to achieve its goals.

Work for the Future – This CGTN series provides a close look at new jobs and occupations that have emerged recently such as food safety manager, B&B steward, and carbon sink measurement expert, to feel the vitality and new trends of the future.

Diverse and Inclusive: The Beauty of Chinese Culture

A number of shows and productions are now on the horizon for a deep dive into China’s profound culture and history. They discuss the vital role of cultural exchanges in mutual learning and respect among nations.

The Song, Painted – A CGTN’s virtual art series that decodes traditional Chinese aesthetics via the lifestyles depicted in Song Dynasty paintings. With innovating forms of interface design and interaction, the series provides a visual feast with an array of graphics, illustrations and hand-drawn images to take viewers on a journey of the essence of traditional Chinese culture. The Expert & Artists interview section will shed light on the glorious artistic riches that marked the heyday of ancient Chinese art over a thousand year ago.

Inheritors aims to shine a light on China’s rich Intangible Cultural Heritage and the rich tales of history behind them.

Why We Love Dunhuang, a podcast ranking among the top ten in art categories of Apple Podcasts produced by CGTN and the Dunhuang Research Academy, will take the listeners through reasons to love Dunhuang. The town on the ancient Silk Road is known for the Mogao Grottoes.

The Vibe explores emerging trends of contemporary youth culture and the insights and wisdom of established masters. The show also offers a refreshing perspective on the cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

In Foodwise, the CGTN hosts are on a quest for the delicious, discovering through their palates how food can shape a city's identity and its people, and in the process, unroll the vibrant cultural tapestry of China.

CGTN also unveiled China Box, an interactive video product which will come in October. China Box provides a new video watching experience by creating a virtual world, where users can choose the avatars they like and enjoy thousands of videos.

2022 China Documentary Festival in Africa

Witnessed by ambassadors from Benin, Cameroon, Gabon, Senegal, Tanzania and Zimbabwe to China, CGTN launched the 2022 China Documentary Festival global exhibition in Africa, the festival’s first special event held for a specific region.

30 broadcasters and institutions in 20 African countries will join the festival and screen stories for local audiences in Africa.

Since the 2022 China Documentary Festival was launched in June, more than 50 documentaries produced by CGTN have been screened or streamed for global audiences. They include award-winning productions in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian.


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